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The Puerto Rico Ornithological Society, Inc. (SOPI, in Spansh), is 501(c)(3) non profit organization founded in 1995. Since our inception, SOPI has been supported by volunteers and members dedicated to the conservation of Puerto Rico's birds and habitats. 


Throughout the years, SOPI has been an active participant in the conversation regarding the greatest conservation needs in Puerto Rico, promoting education and promoting conservation actions that affect change throughout the island. Our organization is known for promoting collaborations and affiliations with conservation-minded organizations in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.


Your donation will help insure the continuity of the Puerto Rico Ornithological Society's mission, emblematic activities and actions that include:


  • Monthly birding activities

  • The Shorebird Festival

  • Endemic Birds of Puerto Rico Festival

  • Migratory Bird Festival

  • Bird ID Workshops: Shorebirds, Waterfowl, Warblers, Gulls and Terns

  • Community Service activities

  • Beach and Habitat Cleanup activities

  • Seasonal Bird Counts (Audubon's Christmas Bird Counts)

  • Scientific research that produces up-to-date information on the status of avian species in Puerto Rico 

  • Producing objective information and data that informs stakeholders and decision makers on conservation matters

  •  Awareness campaigns about current issues and conservation challenges that Puerto Rico is facing. 


Your contribution will not only support the continuity of SOPI's activities, but will also help promote new research and conservation initiatives, partnerships and strategic actions to guarantee the future of Puerto Rico's avifauna and its habitats. 


Currently, we are working to grow as an organization, expanding our organization's reach and presence on national and international levels. Together, we continue to fight for actions and public policies that positively affect change in our ecosystems.


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